Emote creation

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Emote creation

I created a website called emoto.me which was a tool for easily resizing images to be fit to the twitch emoticon and subicon standards. The website went down and will cost $35 to re-register because it's an expired domain. As a result I used the code and put it up here: https://Mal1t1a.ca/emotecreator/

Heartbeat.swf recreation

I recreated the Heartbeat.swf with a different image and managed to get the song used in the original .SWF You can check it out at: mal1t1a.ca/moan/ (yes the name is lewd)

Fry Dance

Update: The domain is now expired. The project is hosted on Github if you were curious or wanted your own local copy. View it on Github here: https://Github.com/Mal1t1a/Fry.Dance

I have re-created a rather cool flash video from back in the old days when people used to use flash. This one particular .SWF was known as fry.dance and now it is a website! Utilizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS it has come back to life. All songs are taken directly from the YouTube videos. Check it out and link people here: //Fry.Dance/

Webapp: Sling Shit

I created a webapp/game thing that lets you fling little emoji poop around in real-ish time with optional text. Check it out here: https://mal1t1a.ca/slingshit/. Please note: The text on the webapp has no restrictions aside from length. There are no censors and everyone has the freedom to speech.

The giveaway is over

Congratulations to our two winners of the giveaway: Chief and JonasrDJ!
Both winners have confirmed their e-mails within 24 hours and have been emailed their steam copies of Gauntlet. In the end, there was a total of 85 registered entrants. If you didn't win don't feel discouraged. I will be hosting another giveaway around Christmas time. It will be bigger and better with more games and more chances to get a free game. The new giveaway will operate the same as the previous giveaway. However I am considering adding some social media around this giveaway as I feel like continuing to do this. Anyways, the entire database has been wiped clean, as no data will be stored permanently. So check back around the holidays for more information.

Gauntlet giveaway!

My birthday is coming up (October 19th) and I felt like doing something special and different. So I decided to purchase two extra copies of Gauntlet and give them away! These are steam copies so you can only redeem on steam. To get started simply visit this link: https://mal1t1a.ca/giveaway/.

A simple goal

I've always loved playing Dota, and I wanted to get better. I enjoy watching streams and so I setup a stream of my own.