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I made SpeakChatBot

Powered by the industry leading assistive technology; SpeakChatBot is the best Text-To-Speech (TTS) software designed specifically for your live stream chat.

SpeakChatBot is currently in beta and is not yet available for public use however if you join my discord, you can be invited to try the beta.


How-to get started!

Getting started is as easy as can be! Simply join my [ Discord ], and post your Twitch URL in the #SpeakChatBot text channel.

That is really all there is!

After you post your Twitch URL in the #SpeakChatBot text channel, I'll add you to the list and you'll get your very own client.

You can provide feedback, ask questions, request features and have discussions in that discord as well.

Clever Chat Bot

This clever little chatbot lets you add some spark to your chat!

About Clever Chat Bot

Clever Chat Bot is a program which allows your Twitch chat to talk with Cleverbot using the Cleverbot API.


Buy Clever Chat Bot

$20 USD

Buy Clever Chat Bot for your Twitch chat!

Software download will be available after payment is recieved.